VIDEO: Hit-Boy – “Brake Lights”

[Written for IAmMusicTV in January 2013. See the published version here.]


You may not be completely familiar with Hit-Boy yet, but I can guarantee you will already have heard at least one track this guy has produced in the last year. Most known for being the mastermind behind that infectious ‘N****s In Paris’ beat, Hit-Boy (real name Chauncey Hollis) is making huge waves in the music industry right now and as well as being a Grammy award winning producer, he has also found the time to forge a career as a rapper in his own right.

Cue HITstory – his debut EP that dropped in the summer of last year – and all of a sudden Hit-Boy is becoming a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop. Including features from the likes of John Legend, Pharrell and Kid Cudi, HITstory was a worthy project, which added a new dimension to the man behind the beats and earned him a solo deal with Interscope Records.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to his visuals, Hit-Boy puts in the same amount of care, attention and uniqueness that we now expect from his skills of production. ‘Brake Lights’ is the stand-out track on HITstory and describes the whirlwind lifestyle which the star has no doubt acquired as of late. Describing his rise to success and the pleasures that come with it, including women and riches, Hit-Boy chooses to remain hidden in a cloud of smoke throughout most of the video and let’s his presence be felt through the lyrics instead.

Given the title of the song, the focus of the Travis Scott directed video is very much on the lighting, as each shot offers a different coloured glow, while women can be seen posing in various positions and creating alluring shadows. There is also the inclusion of a car with a bird breathing fire painted on to the bonnet, giving the video an added element of mystery, as the driver’s identity is kept unknown.

Most interesting of all is how Hit-Boy is shown sitting beneath what appears to be a bare tree with two branches spread apart, almost resembling a cross. If this was Kanye West, I would delve a number of possible religious connotations – then again, Hit-Boy has been present during Kanye’s creative process for quite some time now (he is also signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label), so it’s likely that he’s picked up a few pointers on how to provoke his audience and push boundaries.

Overall, this intriguing and attractive visual reaffirms my prediction that Hit-Boy is set to be one of the hottest stars of 2013. Whether he’s making hits for himself or other people, his career is definitely flourishing and will continue to do so with ease.

If you haven’t downloaded HITstory yet, check it out here

Website :::
Twitter ::: @Hit_Boy


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