FAVE VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Travis $cott, Melanie Fiona & Robin Thicke

I’m always getting asked what new music I’m listening to or what my favourite video at the moment is, so I thought I’d share a few. Here are three visuals from the last week that I am loving…

Travis $cott – “Quintana”

Being signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label already means that Travis $cott is worth paying attention to, but this original video further confirms that he is ready to shake up the game. Hailing from Houston, Texas and dropping out of college to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper, Travis certainly lives up to the expectations that were set for him after his appearance on last year’s G.O.O.D Music compilation album, Cruel Summer.

This simple yet effective video for “Quintana” includes old-school style VHS footage in black and white and contrasts it with slick clips of the young rap star stood alone against a blacked out background. The colourful lighting, metallic face mask and shadows of him sporting gun holsters add different elements to his personality, while the scenes of him setting himself on fire prove that he isn’t an artist to be underestimated.

Although the track sounds a lot like something inspired by MC of the moment, Future, there is still an element of mystery that Travis retains in the video, which instantly drew me in.

Watch out for another version of the song featuring Maybach Music Group’s Wale, which is due to be released this week and also be on the lookout for Travis’ upcoming EP entitled, Owl Pharoah that is expected to drop soon.

Melanie Fiona – “Started From The Bottom (Drake Cover)”

You can’t get a simpler video than this one from R&B songstress Melanie Fiona, as she records herself singing her very own version of Drake’s hit track “Started From The Bottom”. I love candid visuals like this, which show the artist in their natural habitat and just having fun with their talent. As far as I’m aware Melanie isn’t planning on officially releasing a remix of Drizzy’s new tune and that’s what makes this video all the more special.

We watch as the Grammy award winning singer makes the most of her impressive vocals, turning them into a beat for the track and then proceeding to harmonise effortlessly and play around with Drake’s catchy lyrics. Given that Melanie is also from Canada (like the Young Money rapper), it’s only fitting that she wears a Toronto snapback throughout the video too. Drizzy would be proud.

And I defy anyone who says they don’t have this stuck in their head for a good hour or so after watching!

Robin Thicke feat. T.I and Pharrell – “Blurred Lines”

Where do I even begin with this? Sultry singer Robin Thicke is back to his charismatic best with this new video and as if that wasn’t enough to convince you to watch, he’s also teamed up with legendary jack of all trades, Pharrell and Atlanta’s finest, T.I.

This video is guaranteed to get you grinning from ear to ear, what with the shots of stunning models draped in plastic and barely anything else, combined with the infectious and playful nature of all three music artists that is shown throughout. Robin, T.I and Pharrell each come into their own, as they play around with the girls, while sporting the most stylish outfits and having endless amounts of fun on set. It’s hard to not enjoy every single second of this.

Aside from Robin’s charm and Pharrell’s allure, what particularly stands out to me is T.I’s outrageous dancing skills, which (to my recollection) have never been featured in a music video up until now. The ATL rap star ditches his tough exterior and cocky attitude for a more upbeat and entertaining persona here, which is pretty hilarious, yet also kind of endearing to see for once.

Robin has been gaining a lot of attention lately, as constant comparisons have been drawn between him and the new and improved Justin Timberlake. Justin recently made a colossal comeback to music and was accused by a number of people of jacking Robin’s style with his hit single “Suit & Tie”, so it seems only fair that Robin has now responded with a slick video of his own!


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