Krept & Konan: The Signed vs. Independent Debate for Jump Off TV

Last month I was invited to take part in a couple of the weekly Jump Off TV debates, touching on subjects including UK rapper’s Krept & Konan and their recent signing to Virgin EMI and also whether support acts at concerts are relevant anymore.

I was really flattered to be asked to take a seat beside Poet, Chuckie and Lala for the debates (clearly my ramblings on Twitter haven’t gone completely unnoticed!) and although I didn’t manage to get all my points across, it was a great experience – if only to hear what everyone else had to say on the topics.

I went in to the ‘signed vs independent’ debate feeling like Krept & Konan had made the wrong decision by signing to a major, as I believed they could have gained more from staying independent where they wouldn’t have to compromise on their sound. However, as you can see from my confessional in the final video, I rethought this viewpoint after hearing what Poet and Chuckie had to say and now I feel that perhaps UK artists don’t have any other option than to make a deal with a major. If you want to progress in the UK music industry, how far can you get on your own without the backing and promotion of a major record label? US artists such as Nipsey Hussle and Curren$y may have succeeded in taking the independent route, but the US hip-hop market is completely different. Evidently, staying unsigned on our side of the pond isn’t as beneficial, since me, Lala, Poet and Chuckie couldn’t think of any artists who have made a name for themselves by doing so (Boy Better Know were mentioned, but I don’t think they’ve achieved enough to be a concrete example).

Also, I regret not battling with Poet a little bit more when I made my point about Tinie Tempah changing his sound. Everyone and their mother knows Tinie switched up his style of music as soon as he secured his record deal.

But anyway, check out the debates and let me know what you think (twitter: @natashananner). All feedback is good feedback 🙂

Krept & Konan: The Signed vs. Independent Debate

Support Acts: Do People Still Care?


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